An Introduction to the Changed Energy Performance Environment OBC SB-10 & SB-12, NRCan ENERGY STAR® & the Toronto Green Standard

Two-part RWI Introductory Seminar for Building Professionals and industry leaders working in the areas of Energy Modeling and Energy Performance Standards (especially OBC SB-10, SB-12 and TGS) as well as Professionals who want to know more about the changing Energy Performance Environment in Ontario.

If you would like to maintain – and extend – your leadership position and provide better value to your service suppliers (architects, engineers, consultants etc.) be sure to attend this Introductory Seminar from Resilient World Institute!

Part 1: Navigating OBC SB-12 Compliance Options for new and existing homes
Jack Zhou, CEA & Course Instructor

Participants will learn how to better navigate through SB12 compliance options, avoid pitfalls by being more educated and gain the knowledge to determine which option is best suited for your projects.

The following topics will be discussed in Part 1 of this seminar:

o What building belongs to OBC Part 9 SB12
o SB12 Prescriptive Path Options
o Tradeoffs and equivalencies
o Window U and ER values
o What and when is energy modeling required
o SB12 Performance Path
o Avoid the following prescriptive requirements:
     o HRV
     o Drain Water Heat Recovery
     o Continuous insulation for above and below grade walls
o Other compliance methods
o Pending proposals to OBC in 2020 and later

Part 2: Ontario Building Code SB-10 and the Toronto Green Standard
Phil Fung, P.Eng., LEED AP, CEM, CSBA, CMVP, CBCP, Managing Principal, SRS Consulting Engineers 

Participants will have an overview of the latest energy performance requirements of SB-10 and TGS Tier I and II by knowing specific reference buildings that each path is comparing with. 

The following topics will be discussed in Part 2 of this seminar:

o Building Code OBC-SB10 (From 2018 to 2021)
o Reference Building for outside City of Toronto
o Design Considerations I
o Reference Building for City of Toronto – TGS V3 Tier 1
o Design Considerations II
o Reference Building for City of Toronto – TGS V3 Tier 2
o Design Considerations III

Coffee / Tea, water, and snacks will be provided.