Indoor Gardening Workshop Tour & Info Session: Tuesday, June 26

Do you want to see the future of farming & gardening?

Attend our Information Session! We will give you a 1-hour sampler of our 4-day Indoor Gardening Workshop. Located at 105 Gibson Centre, we will provide a tour of our very own indoor garden, how it mimics a natural ecosystem, and give you a sampler our fun, family friendly and educational Indoor Gardening Workshop.

What is Indoor Gardening and Farming?

A unique method of farming that uses self contained, natural, water-based ecosystem farm that is designed to grow herbs, veggies and fish (optional) indoors; this allows for year-round growing and harvesting. It’s a vision for the future!

This information session will cover:

  • Introduction to our Vertical Indoor Gardening (VIGA)
  • Tour of our VIGA Farm
  • What to expect during our 4 week course
  • Q&A period

 *Registration to this event only provides admission to the 1-hour info session on Tuesday, June 26th. It does not automatically register you for the 4- week course.

For those interested in directly registering for the 4-week course (On Tuesdays, July 10, 17, 24 & 31) please contact the Gibson Centre (905) 946-8787 or register at the 105 Gibson front desk

Please note that this event is jointly hosted through a partnership between Resilient World Institute, HiGarden and Nature Harmony.