Matt Hammond


Dr. Matt Hammond has worked at the interface of nature and society for nearly two decades.

A fascination with the sea and its biodiversity brought him to an early career in conservation.

With formal undergraduate training in Biology from Bowdoin College, Maine, Matt spent several years studying coral reef ecosystems to better understand and protect them. His MSc from the University of Otago, New Zealand developed new ways of detecting the impacts of pollution in estuaries and was awarded the Beryl Brewin Prize for Marine Science. Matt received his PhD from McMaster University in 2015 where he developed new tools to help ecosystem managers predict changes in the levels of natural resources.

Armed with an understanding of diverse ecologies, he helped to establish an innovative research program at McMaster University on ecological engineering for sustainable living. He has consulted on issues from biodiversity loss to urban agriculture R & D for the Bermuda Government, not-for-profits and companies and currently serves as a Senior Scientist at HiGarden Inc. Matt’s working philosophy is that only a deep understanding of nature can provide solutions to the tension between humans and the environment.