School of Nature

To some, Nature is a teacher. To others, it is an inscrutable wilderness. But to all, Nature is the benefactor of material wealth, environmental security and aesthetic and spiritual inspiration. This dynamic, however, is threatened. As species loss and climate change accelerate in the Anthropocene, the capacity of the biosphere to provide dwindles. Sustaining the human-nature relationship in a rapidly-changing environment therefore calls for new perspectives, lively dialogues and engaged action.

The School of Nature is founded on the idea that an in-depth study of Nature holds a key to building a more resilient world. It is built for those who care about pressing environmental issues and want to contribute to meaningful change. We aim to engage passion and empower people with the thinking and skills to make positive societal change, from the design of sustainable technologies to the building of vibrant urban ecosystems. Our Mission, in short, is to provoke thought and inspire future-oriented action through Nature-based learning.

The School offers lectures and hands-on learning for topics relating to all aspects of the human-nature relationship, with a special focus on emerging solutions that build a sustainability and resilient world. Our innovative programming may appeal to:

  • Environmental practitioners for skills-building and professional development
  • Companies for realizing corporate responsibility regarding global issues
  • Educators for developing green learning topics and the skills to teach them
  • Entrepreneurs & hobbyists for taking up leading-edge ideas or technologies
  • Enthusiasts for nurturing lifelong learning about Nature

To our students, we seek to convey the most profound lessons of Nature and, most importantly, how these can be applied to challenges of a human-dominated world.