Phil Fung


Mr. Fung is a recognized professional engineer, inventor, educator and entrepreneur who walks the talk as sustainability visionary in action.

He brings over 30 years in professional engineering, management, analysis and systems thinking applied to energy efficient and sustainable buildings, biomimetic building design, energy modelling, Intelligent buildings, green development projects and resiliency planning – serving a diversity of public and private sector clients in Canada. Over 30 years of consulting and engineering services for both private and public sector clients:  City of Toronto, York Region, City of Stouffville, University of Toronto, Humber College, IBM, Pemberton Group, FRAM Group, Monarch Corporation, Mattamy Homes, Great Lands Corporation, Shane Baghai Developments, Del Ridge Homes, Kylemore Homes, Rockport Group, Molinaro Group, and Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Among other inventions, in 2014 Mr. Fung designed and patented a Vertical Indoor Gardening and Aquaponic (VIGA™) based on biomimetic and biophilic design principles to provide organic food production, air purification, waste water treatment, nature therapy, and interactive education benefits in an indoor setting – Indoor Regenerative Design™.

At  Humber College, he teaches  Sustainable Buildings Design, Bio-Inspired Buildings design, Energy Modelling, and Project Management courses; and, guest lectures on biomimetic design at York University and Ryerson University.