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Brad Bass

Dr. Brad Bass received is PhD in Geography from Penn State University, in 1989. He has been working with green walls in since 1996, and in 1998, he co-authored Greenbacks from Green Roofs, the first green roof publication intended for Canadian audiences.   He helped establish the first green roof field site in North America and pioneered the use of simulation models to assess the potential for green roofs to reduce energy consumption.  Dr. Bass has spoken extensively on how green infrastructure could enhance urban biodiversity and has written a manual on constructing an integrated green wall-biofilter system to treat wastewater. In 2010, he ran a field course where his students had to build this biofilter into a shower.


In 1999, Dr. Bass led the development of COBWEB (Complexity and Organized Behaviour Within Environmental Bounds), an agent-based simulation model that is now being used to simulate the exchange of energy across different trophic layers in a vertical ecosystem. In 2012, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities awarded Dr. Bass the Lifetime Achievement Award for Green Infrastructure Research. Dr. Bass has recently been named as an Associate Executive Director of the Foundation for Student Science and Technology.

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