Wolfgang Amelung

Wolfgang Amelung has been involved in the creation of self-sustaining ecosystems for the past thirty years. A Biology / Philosophy degree from York University, Amelung’s expertise and knowledge is well-recognized. He owns Genetron Systems Inc., a Canadian ecological engineering firm incorporated in 1985. Amelung was granted a Canadian and a US patent on his ‘Breathing Wall’  technology in 1988.

Genetron Systems Inc. is involved in the environmentally friendly technology of creating self-sustaining ecosystem applications, which, due to their interconnected nature, have multi-directional beneficial spin-offs. The greatest of the proven benefits have to do with the creation of fresh clean air in Buildings.

Amelug’s commitment to the world is his statement that: “I am the possibility for the transformation of Humanity through harmony with nature.”

Although an entrepreneur, Amelung, describes himself as an experimental engineer, always ‘pushing the envelope’…. “To go where no man has gone before!”……in many cases to the detriment of his entrepreneurship, which seems to take a clear second place to his innovative propensities.

To Amelung, the greatest obstacle, to his work, is existing infrastructure, which ‘welds’ us to the existing Paradigm…a dinosaur linear opportunistic process focused on the exploitation of nature at any cost.

Clearly, with his ‘Breathing Wall’ ™  technologies, newer more harmonic materials and structural procedures are needed to achieve the true vision, that Amelung has dedicated himself to.

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